The Coastal Carolina Rifle Club is pleased to announce the 2020 Match Program.  These matches will be fired at the USMC Rifle Range at Stone Bay, NC.  Entries in individual matches will be limited to 200 competitors.  Rifle squadding begins a 0800 on the day of the match.  Firing will begin at 0900.


The rifle matches will be fired in the order listed in the program unless changed by the Match Director.  Relay 1 and 2 will fire first, Saturday, Relay 3 and 4 will fire first, Sunday.  NRA High Power rules will govern conduct of the matches.  Competitors will score.  Coastal Carolina Rifle Club will have target pullers available for hire at all of our matches.


These dates are subject to change.  The Marines are using these ranges to the maximum due to training on the ranges.  We have made every effort to schedule around their training and hopefully will not have to postpone or change these dates.  If a match is cancelled, it will be posted on our website.


 Please note the following:

1.      Ammunition allowed for 2020:  Any ammunition 300 Mag or less will be allowed.

2.      Entries must be emailed or mailed.  Waivers can be signed the day of the match.  We must know if you plan to attend by 1200 Monday, preceding the match in order to have enough target pullers.  This includes the military.

3.      F-Class may shoot any of the matches.

4.      Competitors, 13 to 18 years of age, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

5.      Alcohol is not allowed on the range.



The Club will send out an email to our list of persons, who have requested to be placed on our competitor list, 21 days prior to the upcoming rifle match, requesting entries


If you are a new competitor to our matches, entries may be sent to CCRC by mail at 4080 4th Street, Surf City, NC  28445, email at acwebster@mindspring.com or by telephone at 919-906-6288 (cell) 16 working days before the match.  Entries fees do not have to be sent in.  They can be paid the day of the match, however, you must let us know you are coming. 


Entry to the Base can be accomplished by one of the following:

            A.  Have a current DOD Pass.

            B.  Have a pass issued to the driver of the vehicle and occupants.  The driver must have a new

                  Real ID driver’s license!!  NO EXCEPTIONS!


To obtain a pass, you

            A.  Supply the following information to the club by 16 working days before the match.  We will email the info to USMC.


Pass information required for driver:  Driver’s first, middle, and last name as it appears on your REAL ID driver’s license; date of birth, driver’s license number and state issued; year, make, model, color of vehicle, license plate number and state issued.  Auto insurance company, policy number, effective date, and expiration date also needed.  Also required are make, model, serial number and caliber of firearms to be used.  (All this requested info is required on the website entry form.)








1) All CCRC competitors need to go online to this link and pre-register: 



(There may be a blue line across the top of the page with a Pre-Enroll button or you may have to scroll down to get to a Pre-enroll button.  Click this button then Get Started button.  This only takes a few minutes to go through.  Be sure to NOT use dashes for phone numbers for SSN numbers!)


(2) Our Sponsor is:  Brian Pensak, Phone 9104402703, email brian.pensak@usmc.mil


After completion of the registration, a CONFIRMATION will pop up.   You can print this page for your records but you do not need to take it with you to pick up your pass.  They should have you in their system.  You will only need to go through this process once.


(3) You will have to go to the Visitor Center at the main gate of Camp Lejeune on Hwy 24E, Building 818 Holcomb Blvd to pick up your pass.  At that time you will be asked to fill a Form SECNAV 5512/1 and be photographed and finger printed to receive your pass.


You will also have to show your Real ID (driver's license), Registration and proof of insurance for your vehicle.


The Visitor Center should have a list of competitors from CCRC for the designated rifle competition you are entering with your name on it.  You can only pick up your pass on Friday, the first time you go through this procedure.

Their hours are 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Friday.


(4) You will only have to register once, not every month.  BUT if you want to go to the Visitor Center to pick up your pass for each competition weekend on FRIDAY, you have to fill out the Form SENAV 5512/1.  But you will no longer have to be photographed and finger printed.  BUT If you pick up your pass on Saturday or Sunday morning you can pick it up at the Main Gate from the Sentry because the Visitor’s Center is closed Saturday and Sunday.


Main Gate hours are 24/7.


The passes will no longer be at the gate at Stone Bay.  Your passes will only be good for Stone Bay NOT the rest of the base.  They will be three-day passes for Friday, Saturday, and until midnight Sunday.

(If the individual does not possess a "Real ID" license or DOD identification,
that individual will need a second form of identification to receive their pass
such as:

Social security card
Birth certificate
Federally issued ID
State issued ID
Student ID Card w/photo



Entry Fees - See individual match program.



Billeting will be available, free of charge, at the matches for both male and female competitors.  When registering for the match, please indicate this when entering.  Check in time will be Friday P.M. before the match.  Linen will not be furnished.  Please bring your sleeping bag or linen and any of your “creature comforts”.  The continued use of these fine facilities is contingent upon leaving the barracks in the clean condition you found them.  The Club must inspect the barracks before turning them back over to the USMC.  The USMC is nice enough to provide these facilities so we will not abuse these privileges.  The barracks are located approx. 100 yards from the 600 yard firing line.


Parking - Park only in designated parking lots.  Do not park on any grass!


Directions – Stone Bay Rifle Range is located on Hwy. 210.


GPS Address: Rifle Range Rd, Sneads Ferry, NC  28460


 Driving south on Hwy. 17 from Jacksonville, turn left on Hwy 210 at Dixon Middle School; continue one (1) mile, to the traffic light, turn left into Stone Bay. 


Driving north on Hwy. 17 from Wilmington, turn right on Hwy. 210 at Dixon Middle School; continue one (1) mile, to the traffic light turn left into Stone Bay.



Coastal Carolina Rifle Club is striving to provide rifle competition, sportsmanship, and camaraderie at an affordable price.  CCRC Club Awards will be given to the winner of each individual match and one award for each additional 5 competitors or major fraction thereof in a class.  Less than 5 competitors in a class will be combined in a higher class.  If less than 5 competitors in a rifle category, in an individual match, there will be no award